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AppliedAI Machine Learning Online Course: Learn Machine Learning for Free!

Learn machine learning for free on Twitcherr, where we are excited to bring you the AppliedAI Machine Learning Online Course for free. We are thrilled to offer this comprehensive course that dives deep into the fascinating world of machine learning.

Course Overview:

The AppliedAICourse attempts to teach students/course-participants some of the core ideas in machine learning, data science and AI that would help the participants go from a real-world business problem to a first cut, working and deployable AI solution to the problem.

Our primary focus is to help participants build real-world AI solutions using the skills they learn in this course. This course will focus on practical knowledge more than mathematical or theoretical rigor. That doesn’t mean that we would water down the content. We will try and balance the theory and practice while giving more preference to the practical and applied aspects of AI as the course name suggests. Through the course, we will work on 15+ case studies of real-world AI problems and datasets to help students grasp the practical details of building AI solutions. For each idea/algorithm in AI, we would provide examples to provide the intuition and show how the idea to be used in the real world.

Learn machine learning for free Features:

  • In-depth video lectures: Our course offers a collection of high-quality video lectures presented by industry experts from AppliedAI. These lectures cover a wide range of topics, including supervised and unsupervised learning, neural networks, deep learning, and more.
  • Interactive exercises: Reinforce your understanding of the concepts through interactive exercises and quizzes. These activities allow you to apply what you’ve learned and solidify your knowledge.
  • Real-world case studies: Explore real-world case studies that showcase the practical applications of machine learning across different industries. Gain insights into how machine learning is transforming various sectors and discover potential career paths.
  • Community support: Connect with fellow learners in our vibrant online community. Engage in discussions, share ideas, and seek guidance from experts and peers as you progress through the course.

Target Audience:

Applied AI Course is designed to cater to the needs of students at various levels of expertise and varying background skills. Within the validity period of 365 days, students can complete the course anytime based on their feasibility and at their own pace. It will take 6 months to complete the course if you can put an effort of 14 to 15hrs per week. More the effort, better the results. Here is a list of candidates who would benefit from our course:

  1. Undergrad (B.Tech/B.E/BSc statistics/Bsc computer science/BCA) students in engineering and science.
  2. Grad(MS/MTech/ME/MCA) students in engineering and science.
  3. Working professionals: Software engineers, Business analysts, Startup teams building ML products/services, Product managers, Program managers, Managers, etc.
  4. Data Analysts, Data Scientists, ML Scientists and ML engineers.

Download AppliedAI Machine Learning Online Course For Free

Download link – https://mega.nz/folder/rnBngJga

Decryption key – qXsHz1taU0igBySvO9t94w

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