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Selling Template In Envato: A Guide to Front End Web Development

Envato is a platform that offers a wide range of digital products and services, including templates for front-end web development. If you’re a web developer or designer, you can sell your front-end templates on Envato’s Themeforest marketplace. And earn money from your work.

The complete guide to start generating passive income by Selling Template In Envato, selling front end website templates on envato themeforest.

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Here’s a guide on how to sell front-end templates on Envato:

Create a template that meets Envato’s quality standards:

To sell your front-end templates on Envato, you need to create a high-quality template that meets Envato’s strict quality standards. This means your template should be well designed, well coded, and user-friendly.

Choose a category for your template:

There are several categories on Themeforest, including WordPress, HTML, and Sketch templates. Choose the category that best fits your template and make sure your template is compatible with the latest version of the relevant software.

Write a comprehensive description of your template:

To attract buyers, you need to write a comprehensive description of your template, highlighting its features, benefits, and any other relevant information.

Provide demo files and documentation:

To help buyers see what your template looks like and understand how it works, you should provide demo files and comprehensive documentation.

Price your template competitively:

Pricing is one of the most important factors in selling templates on Envato. Make sure your template is priced competitively, taking into account the quality of your template and the prices of similar templates on the market.

Promote your template:

Once your template is live on Envato, you can promote it through your own website, social media.

Envato’s Themeforest is a great platform for front-end web developers to sell their templates and earn money from their work. With the right template and marketing strategy, you can achieve success on Envato and build a profitable business as a front-end web developer.

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What you’ll learn

  • How to do extensive market research before creating any type of product for envato themeforest
  • The art behind a perfectly designed website template
  • Themeforest requirements and how to fulfill those
  • Themeforest rejections and how to get approved without rejections
  • How to write a perfect documentation for you buyer
  • How to create logo, preview image, thumbnail images
  • How to submit a product on envato themeforest and generate passive income
  • Basic use of Figma and conversion of a UI template to HTML template
  • How to create a premium front end website template with HTML, CSS and JS
  • Rules of high standard coding practices

Requirements to Selling Template In Envato

  • Basic knowledge of front end web development
  • A personal computer with your favorite code editor and browser
  • Willingness to learn something new

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