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Welcom to eBay Dropshipping Course. As with any business, there are pros and cons! Let’s take a look together at why it may be more interesting to do dropshipping on eBay than on Shopify.

You’ll learn how to master eBay’s Cassini algorithm for successful eBay SEO.

Find hot products from multiple suppliers, handle returns and issues, and much more. With this free course, you’ll turn your dropshipping business into a profitable venture.

How to do dropshipping on eBay

Ebay dropshipping is a modern and innovative approach to E-commerce where a seller partners with a supplier to offer a wide range of products. The seller does not hold any physical inventory and instead relies on the supplier to fulfill customer orders. This model allows the seller to offer a diverse range of products without risks associated with traditional inventory management.

The seller is responsible for managing the customer relationship, online marketing the products, and processing payments.

The supplier handles all aspects of order fulfillment and shipping. Ebay dropshipping offers a low-cost entry point for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Dropshipping Course in eBay for free

Nahar Geva, an eBay dropshipping expert who took his store from zero to earning $5000 per month in just 8 months. On a comprehensive journey to success with dropshipping on eBay. This course offers 5+ hours of actionable content, with a library that’s constantly growing, to give you all the tools you need to make dropshipping on eBay a reality for you.

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This free course covers everything you need to know to succeed as an eBay seller. You’ll learn :

  • How to establish a winning eBay seller account
  • Optimize your online marketing store for maximum sales
  • Effectively manage customer expectations
  • Advance your business with advanced Dropshipping strategy.

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Who is Nahar Geva ?

Nahar Geva is a highly regarded E-commerce specialist and entrepreneur who gained recognition as a successful eBay seller in 2015. He discovered a innovative approach to locating lucrative products to sell on eBay and gained a competitive advantage. Nahar Geva, with his extensive understanding of eBay and the eCommerce industry and his business expertise, established ZIK Analytics, a top-notch suite of eBay tools backed by a 35-person strong team. ZIK Analytics serves a large number of customers globally, helping them optimize their eBay businesses.

Doing dropshipping on eBay is a viable option, much like on Amazon or your own e-commerce website. Starting on eBay eliminates the need to worry about designing a Shopify store and makes the process much simpler. This free course will guide you on how to start your dropshipping journey on eBay.

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